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2012 - Full O' Fiber

That's what over three pounds of fiber looks like spun up.
Your welcome.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

This post is long overdue but after much thought, I decided that I really don't have any resolutions or goals for this year.  I make the same one every year to myself personally, and that is to accessorize.  I have all these cute bracelets, necklaces, scarves and things and I never really wear them.  I start off strong the first week or two and then I just think of it as one more thing to do in the morning.  It's kind of funny though.  I got commissioned to make a cowl and some fingerless mitts for one of my friends and my cousin.  There, accessorize 2013 go!!!

 These are the Campout Mitts that I made for my cousin using Plymouth Boku.  I got two skeins to make them, just in case, but only needed one!  Score!  This is a great alternative to Noro and nicely priced as well.  Oh, and I totally didn't plan the mitts to match like that.  Thank you dumb, Irish luck!

 My friend really wanted a Gap-tastic cowl after seeing my sister's.  This is Rowan Big Wool in a nice dusty teal color.  It took me three skeins to get the size that I made for my sister.  This cowl went by way quicker than my sister's did and it also helped having another year of knitting under my belt.

I'm about halfway through the Aviatrix pattern for Angelo.  I'm using Manos del Uruguay.  Have I mentioned this yarn is the bomb?  So soft and squishy.  I'm very excited to see the finished product.  Since this is my "brown bagging it" challenge with the ladies and listeners of Just One More Row podcast, I suppose this could be considered a 2013 goal.  

What are you guys doing for your resolutions? 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last spin of 2012

Better late than never!  This was my last spin of 2012 from Pear Tree Farms, even though I finished it just the other day.  Ah well!  This is 242 yards of singles in a fingering weight in some sort of wool blend.  This took me forever to spin!  I definitely started out with more than four ounces.  I'm thinking the bag had about eight ounces in it.  I was impressed with the finished product but I'm not sure what to do with it.  There are some thick and thin parts but overall, the single was pretty consistent. 

My goal of spinning four ounces a month enhanced my stash and I pushed a little over three pounds of fiber out of my stash.  Whew!  I'm spent!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 to everyone!  I hope your holidays were fun and restful.  I got a couple of things to show you guys so, let's jump right in:

 First up is the Martha Cowl that I made for my bud, Gretchen.  I used Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool in Maple Tweed.  This is one of my favorite crochet patterns of all time.  Unfortunately, the designer has pulled the pattern from Ravelry and it hasn't been up for almost three years.  Major bummer if any of you crocheters missed out...

 Hopefully, you can see the flower that I sewed on.  I think the Maple Tweed doesn't help the flower to stand out but the cowl did need something so I just left it as it.

 Then I whipped up these fingerless mitts for my friend, RenĂ© using the pattern from Creative Yarn's blog.  I used Knit Picks Telemark in the Caution colorway.  I really liked the double moss stitch pattern; it was a fun knit.

 Then I got a crafty, little gift from my long-time Ravelry buddy, Denise.  What a nice surprise while opening mail.  So gorgeous!

 This is just a little peak at what I am working on.  This is project number one for the brown bag knit-a-long over at the Just One More Row Podcast group.  This will be a hat for Angelo.  I'm planning on knitting the biggest size - just in case.  The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima that I picked up from my local yarn shop.  The pattern is Aviatrix and it's free on Ravelry!

Lastly, I made another Cyber Zombie.  One of my French students had a hankering for a zombie so, I had to make her one.  She is definitely crochet-worthy.

Next time I post, I hope to show you a few more finished objects and share some New Year's resolutions.