Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quality knit pics

 These were long overdue but the hubs and I finally found some time this past weekend to shoot the things I have been working on the last few months.  First up is the Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer designed by friend and fellow blogger, Denise.  I'm sure I've said this a few times but this pattern was so much fun to crochet and I truly believe you could use almost any weight yarn to get a great garment out of this, depending on what you're in the mood for.  I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool- about a skein and half-ish and the buttons were from my favorite local yarn store, Yarn Cupboard.  I do believe, if I get my buns in gear, I will be submitting this to the New York State Fair in the crocheted garments category. 

 Second up, is the Color Block Shawl from Jenn Pfieffer.  This was part of a knit-a-long in one of the Ravelry groups (obsessed with Instagram).  I used Knit Picks Telemark for this and used about 1 ball of Caution and 2 balls of Heathered Cilantro.  I really enjoy how the border looks with the M1 stitches.

And lastly, the love of my life (sorry Michael), Color Affection!  I used three skeins of Holiday Yarns Flocksock Sock yarn in the colorways of Apollo, Badger Black, and a skein of greeny blue goodness that I dyed at last year's Yarn Cupboard Retreat.  I would make this shawl again in a heart beat.  In fact, I'm already plotting my next color combo...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crafting and Murphy's Law

It must have been my turn to experience Murphy's Law and crafting.  Usually I do pretty good with having enough yarn and gauge and all that but this week it just wasn't happening for me.  I was knitting a cowl for a friend and I had run out at the last four stitches!  FOUR STITCHES!  Gah!  Then I was making another pair of charity mittens and ran out at the top of the second mitten and I couldn't add thumbs to either one.  So, into the frog pond it went and I will restart with a smaller hook once I'm feeling lucky again!

Friday, May 10, 2013


 Colorblock shawl = DONE!  Way better pictures to come!

 Knocked out a pair of mittens for charity in one night!  Lion Brand Tweed Stripes is the yarn.
Finished my rainbow of fiber and am super pleased with the result.  I'm keeping it as singles.  Details to come about yardage and weight and whatnot.   Not feeling too chatty but wanted to check in :-).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Testing and a countdown

 One of the finishing touches for my Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer was to find some buttons to put on the cowl portion of the shawl.  I found these awesome buttons at the Yarn Cupboard and will be sewing them on soon!

 Then, at last knit night, at the best yarn shop ever, I received my prize for the Color Affection knit-a-long!  Two fiber rinses, some cupcake stitch markers and a little pouch from the awesome JesseLu.  I love this pattern she used with the pink scooters!

 And speaking of the color pink, here are a couple o' hanks of handspun.  I spun the one on the left and my friend, Gretchen spun the one on the right for me back when I would buy fiber for her and tell her to spin me something pretty!

 All wound and ready to go to do a test crochet for my friend, Denise.  Can you spot the almost 11 month old on the move??

Lastly, I'm spinning up this wonderful fiber from Great Adirondack Yarn Company.  There is no colorway on the label except, PF*, whatever that is supposed to mean.  And just like the Hyacinth fiber this is spinning wonderfully as well.  I was in the mood to spin a rainbow to celebrate the fact that France is on the marriage equality bandwagon!  Oui!  Oh and by the way, I'll be heading to France with my students in 62 days, but who's counting?

(Like how I just threw that in there?  Yes, I'm already planning my travel knitting and crochet projects too!)