Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another cowl

I made another cowl using this pattern from a fellow blogger.  I used Lion Brand Fishermen's wool to make this and I added two little flowers instead of one.  I really enjoyed the stitch pattern but it looks pretty wonky where I had to slip stitch in the back.  I'm hoping it will just make it lay better on my shoulders.  Michael gave me an idea of making another one but as a skirt over jeans kinda deal.  I may follow up on that piece of advice but rather than slip stitching the back, I'd probably use buttons so that the yarn doesn't get all stretched out and lose its shape.


  1. would you still happen to have the pattern? it's no longer on Ravelry :( I'm dying to make this! thanks!

  2. Very nice Cowl! Shame she is no longer offering it up.

  3. Lovely. I tried to get the pattern but it's taken down. Would you happen to still have it and could email it, pretty please? Thank you!