Monday, July 30, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012

Now that Tour de Fleece is over (I managed to spin during baby nap time - more on that later), on to the next fiber event, the Ravellenic Games!  This coincides with the Olympic games.  I've never participated in this before but my friend Angela got me all sorts of excited that I started joining events like a crazy person.  Basically, how this works is that you are on a team (not necessary, I'm flying solo!) and you participate in events that you're interested in that have to do with whatever project you want to start, finish, continue working on, or straight up frog!

The events that I joined are:
  • Cowl Jump - I'll be making a cowl for a dear friend's birthday that is coming up
  • WIP Wrestling - I have two works in progress that I just want to finish already
  • Charity Rowing - I will be making a pair of mittens
It was very addictive joining all these events.   At one point I realized, um, you have a new baby hanging around the house and an energetic toddler.  How can I possibly get this all done?  We shall soon see!


  1. Love it! You can get so much done during nap time right? :)

  2. Getting the projects done *is* the challenge for me - and I don't have small children. :)