Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Testing and a countdown

 One of the finishing touches for my Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer was to find some buttons to put on the cowl portion of the shawl.  I found these awesome buttons at the Yarn Cupboard and will be sewing them on soon!

 Then, at last knit night, at the best yarn shop ever, I received my prize for the Color Affection knit-a-long!  Two fiber rinses, some cupcake stitch markers and a little pouch from the awesome JesseLu.  I love this pattern she used with the pink scooters!

 And speaking of the color pink, here are a couple o' hanks of handspun.  I spun the one on the left and my friend, Gretchen spun the one on the right for me back when I would buy fiber for her and tell her to spin me something pretty!

 All wound and ready to go to do a test crochet for my friend, Denise.  Can you spot the almost 11 month old on the move??

Lastly, I'm spinning up this wonderful fiber from Great Adirondack Yarn Company.  There is no colorway on the label except, PF*, whatever that is supposed to mean.  And just like the Hyacinth fiber this is spinning wonderfully as well.  I was in the mood to spin a rainbow to celebrate the fact that France is on the marriage equality bandwagon!  Oui!  Oh and by the way, I'll be heading to France with my students in 62 days, but who's counting?

(Like how I just threw that in there?  Yes, I'm already planning my travel knitting and crochet projects too!)


  1. Oooh, how fun to be planning a trip to France! Do you have a general itinerary yet? And exactly how many students will be traveling with you? What will your own little munchkins do without you? :)

    1. We will be there the first week in July visiting Paris and the south of France... Provence, Nice, Monaco :-)