Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Brain

I nixed the boxy sweater I was making because it turns out I didn't have enough yarn to finish plus the pattern was kinda annoying me. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to decrease naturally or what but I got bored with it and wanted to start making something for the baby. I know it's the beginning of January and everyone is making resolutions and all so I decided that I will make something for baby Hazel each month. That sounds like a decent and realistic goal. She's due in May so all I gotta do is make 5 objects. Which leads me to this new blog that I fell in love with as well as some of the patterns that this hip chick has created and/or has made. Check her out, she's super hip! I'm also making this pattern that she created in a sea spray color with wool-ease yarn for Hazel. I'm not sure what color I will add to the trim but brown is in the running right now.

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