Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hazel's Fall/Winter Sweater

1/5 of the way done with my new year's resolution and hey, I'm not even counting the baby blanket I made back in the day. As you can see this is Hazel's sweater made using this pattern and Lion Brand wool-ease in the color of sea spray. I also made a winter hat with this yarn and had some left over.
I got these buttons over at Michael's in the scrapbooking section of all places. The sweater is a little big, on purpose. Hazel will probably be sporting this sweater when she's about six months old or older with this super cute little onesie my sister Maria purchased that's pink and has a sparkly snowflake on it.
Close up of the sleeve. This was my first top down crochet project and I wasn't quite sure if I was doing it right but there are, in fact, two holes to put little arms through so whoohoo, I did something right! I decided not to do a border of color like I originally was planning but I am going to use brown to make another one of these with longer sleeves.

Thanks again to Rima!

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