Monday, November 8, 2010

The hippy in me.

I tried this headband from creativeyarn and just decided that I can't quite pull this look off.  I chose to do the project with a cotton yarn and it looked like I was wearing a doily on my head.  It was a little too stiff so I think I may try this again with some left over worsted weight yarn and see how it ends up.  All was not lost though, I think this could pass for a really neat necklace.  Again, I am not the one to pull this off so I may have to pass it on to a fashionista or artsy type friend of mine.


  1. I applaud your willingness to share the mistake! However, didn't you also make a really neat hairband of just three lengths of chain, without any flower?

  2. I like the idea of maybe using it for a necklace. I love the cute flower, but maybe it's too big. Could you make a smaller one? It's a super cute idea!