Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rangling in the cowls

 Here it is!  The Gap-tastic Cowl that took my novice knitting self forever and a friggin' day to complete.  After ripping and restarting a multitude of times, I was into a groove.  I thought I'd get all fancy and go to a couple of knit nights with this project.  Unfortunately, while I was chatting away, I messed up the seed stitch pattern and the last few rows looked like crap.  Then when I was at the end of the third ball, I took another look at it and saw that my yarn joins also looked like crap.  That's when I decided to rip it all out again, and spent all of this past Saturday redoing it.  I promised my sister a cowl on Saturday and dang it, she was going to get it!

Judging by the awesome photo, I'm pretty sure my sister loves it!  I loved it too.  I used Rowan Big Wool that we picked out at the Yarn Cupboard with the help of the owner, Susan.  Three balls did the trick for the cowl even though the pattern calls for the cowl to be fifteen inches wide.  The finished width turned out to be around 10 inches or so.  

Now, I have another order for my darling cousin.  I just found out her birthday bash is this Friday so, I need to bust a move on the Martha Cowl Scarf I was planning on making for her.  Thankfully, it's crochet so I can really pick up the pace.

And yes, I found some time to do a little spinning today.  Very soothing and very satisfying.  Pictures to come.  I am nearly done with the rest of the 4 ounces!

Photos by Ammerican Photography

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