Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First post of the year!!

 Happy new year, people!  I hope 2012 is off to a good start for you!  I am so excited to post about my Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers from a fellow blogger, creativeyarn.

 I used some yarn I received in a swap.  Knit Picks Capra DK in the colorway of Harbor was such a dream to work with!  I could tell right away that this was some good quality yarn.  I had barely any splitting and if there's yarn around, I'm pretty good at splitting it!  I had two balls of the Capra but I barely needed a whole one to make these.  I'm thinking that perhaps with the leftovers of ball one, I could make Hazel a matching baby pair?

 I opted to not add any cute buttons on them.  To be honest, my button collection is pretty random.  Most of them are from clothes I buy that have the extra buttons attached, just in case you lose one.  So, I don't have too many pairs of buttons.  I'm sure that will change when I go to the Yarn Cupboard retreat where I will peruse, oogle, and fondle the buttons of Melissa Jean Designs.

How's that spinning goal of 4 ounces a month going?  Well, I had to finish up the last 12 for me project, as you can see above, plus I'm working on a gorgeous cowl for my sister using Rowan Big Wool.  I have been using circular needles, of which I'm not a fan.  Next time I will take the advice of my friend Gretchen and boil the needles so that the dang cable stays somewhat straight!  After I'm done with the Gap-tastic Cowl, I will finish up the domestic wool blend I bought from Hampton Artistic Yarns.  I don't think I will ply this at all when I am finished because in single form it already has an awesome barber pole effect.  That will also leave more yardage to make something cozy for my awesome husband.  Perhaps a hat?  Maybe some fingerless mitts?  At any rate, he needs something nice because he's done such a good job sprucing up my blog with his photo skills!

In conclusion, I would like to add that this post marks the 12th item I made for myself (the mitts) and the 12th new knitting thing I've learned in 2011 (my battle with circs).  I accomplished my goal - a few weeks late - but DONE!

Photos by Ammerican Photography


  1. I love your roving and yarn. Such great colors and it looks super soft!

    1. This is the softest roving I have worked with thus far. I think the prepping of the fiber had a lot to do with it! This is the second 4 oz bag of fiber from H.A.Y that I've used and it's just so nice!