Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rock the Vote!

I'm not talking politics.  Lord no.  I don't want to even go there right now but I am talking about the Martha Stewart Presents American Made Awards.  One of our local fiberistas, Jill Draper,  is a finalist to win $10,000 to help put towards her business.  Go here and please VOTE for her!  If you want to see a peek into her philosophy about handmade goods and yarn take a look at this video.  And lastly, if you want to see how much more of an awesome person she is, check out her blog!

Voting ends September 24th!


  1. Hah! You're too cute! Alas, I have missed the voting, but I love your support for a fellow crafter! How did she do? Please keep in touch! I miss you, friend!! :)

    1. She didn't win but she definitely felt the yarn crafting love!