Monday, February 1, 2010


The bib project is done! I made 6 bibs and 3 matching wash cloths. All of these were made with cotton Sugar 'n' Creme Lily yarn and oh yes the word "hot" proceeded the color on all the tags.
Not perfect but still useful.
Purchased these buttons at the Dollar Tree. Got about 8 big buttons like this for a buck. Not a bad deal.
I decided to crochet a border around all the bibs in a color that kinda clashed. I'm especially please with this color combo. These two just happened upon each other and I liked the look of them together.
I improvised this pattern from here and a gadzillion single crochets later, I have used up all the Lily cotton yarn in my stash and made a noticeable dent in my yarn collection.


  1. You are so creative, Cheese -- these are the cutest bibs ever! Can you just put them in the washer when they get dirty?

  2. I can totally throw them in the washer! Thank goodness, Lord knows Hazel will probably be a duurty baby.