Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review #2


So, I finished this book that I bought last summer during our road trip around the States.  I read it in the car and it made me long to crochet a bit but doing that in the car would make me sick and whenever we hit a stop it was more interesting to walk around the area or set up camp.  I read the book again these past few days and my final verdict on it is that I enjoy this book.  It's a collection of essays about the joys and pains of crochet.  I learned some new terms like beer can hats and scrumbles - no clue what they were so I had to google them and here they are:

Beer can hat:



It looks like we have extremes of crocheting...  a super "classy" beer hat and free form crochet which in this particular example is soooo pretty!

Some things I didn't like about this book were the long streams of run-on sentences.  It drove me nuts and she definitely has made that a craft in itself and has no apologies for it.  Lastly, her essay about how she hates that crocheters are referred to as hookers because she doesn't want to be compared to a "woman of the night" was super annoying and I felt like she just wanted to complain about something.  Eh, so what if we're referred to as hookers?  It's funny word play and isn't that what writers looove?  Let's reclaim HOOKER my fellow crocheters!

I did a little research on Mary Beth Temple and found out that she has her own podcast called, Getting Loopy (word play? hmmm...)  and has her own blog right here on blogger: http://www.alpacaaddict.blogspot.com/.  Check her out!

In other news, I did finish the other Bombay Love Sweater for Murphy (pics soon!) and I'm back at working on the Christmas presents!

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  1. Sounds like a good book. That scrumble is awesome! It also kind of sounds like a duurty word :-)