Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fingerlakes Fiber Festival

Not bad for an iPhone!  I bought two skeins of this German wool yarn.  Not really sure about the brand name but it was on sale $2 (originally $8.50).  I also picked up a hank of Cascade Yarn in a pretty pink for $10.  That was the "splurge" of the day! 

The Festival was wicked small in comparison to Rhinebeck but the drive wasn't as bad (2 hours compared to like 5) and it was cheap to get in ($4 compared to like $20).  I liked this festival a lot because it wasn't as overwhelming as Rhinebeck with it's many vendors.  At the Fingerlakes Fest, there was about 50 or so vendors, not even, so it was easy to make a decision and navigate around the area.  One downfall was that it got pretty crowded in the booths making for snarky old women and impatient customers.  I thought some old lady was going to kill me when I was getting my bearings to stand in line and I figured out I was, in fact, not at the beginning of the line...  Like I'm going to cut the line at a Fiber Fest, seriously?

I shall attend again next year!  Plus, I'm on the lookout for other yarny events that are fairly close to me and don't cost an arm and a leg to get in.

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  1. I'm a newish knitter, too, and wish I had gone to the fingerlakes festival. It looks like a great time without being as overwhelming as Rhineback sounds. Every morning I park near a car at work that now has a Fingerlakes Fiber Festival bumper sticker on it....just keeps me kicking myself for not going....but reminds me to put it on the calendar for next year.