Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ready for MOI :-)

And just like that my scarf was reduced to the above in practically minutes.  I did realize two things as I was taking apart this scarf:
  1. I could've used this scarf as a gift for one of the female kiddos saving myself a little time and pattern choosing agony.
  2. If I ever have any doubts that my projects will unravel one day, I just need to think of the tedious minutes spent trying to take this scarf apart.  Those stitches weren't going anywhere!

Now, because this Hip Cozy is pretty random, I took all the partial skeins of yarn I had hanging around and I'm just figuring what colors should go together and what shouldn't at all.  I think it's also quite possible that I could get two Hip Cozys out of the deal but I am not gonna push it.

Why not push it for me?  Well, I just joined another group on Ravelry that helps to test out crochet and knit patterns.  This seems pretty darn cool and I'm just awaiting a crochet pattern that needs some testers.

This is going to be a really yarny year for me...  but I'm up for the challenge!

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