Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June for ME!

Afternoon Breeze Shawl pattern from Lion Brand.  I used Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in the colorway of walnut.  The first time around my hook was too small and the stitches too tight so I frogged the whole thing and decided to use a bigger hook and a more relaxed grip.  I am on summer vacation after all....

Oh and I also did a 1x1 basic rib.  It's a little loose but it's there!  Knitting progress is AWESOME!


  1. yay ribbing! did you love it? or did you hate all that yarn swappery?

  2. I did hate the yarn swappery! How annoying! But I'll learn to love it;-).

  3. Love how shawl turned out! And on the ribbing - go 2x2 - the yarn "swappery" isn't quite so bad. :)