Thursday, June 23, 2011

Motif meltdown

Here are my last couple of contributions to the motif CAL.

Knitting has taken over my mind.

I find that I can't seem to deal with the motifs...they appear to get a little more annoying to do every time a new one gets posted.  Plus, I'm just not very into crochet right now.  I used to feel bad for those new knitters who dropped crochet like a bad habit..and now i am becoming one of them.  So here it is,  I am breaking up with the motif CAL.  I found someone new...  I hope we can still be friends!


  1. Poor motif CAL....I haven't done any in a LONG time....

    I got sucked in by other things.

  2. I feel your pain about getting into knitting and ignoring crocheting. I go through phases where I do prefer one over the other, but ever since getting back into knitting a couple years ago, I tend to prefer knitting. Even if it's more tedious. I just like the fabric better for almost everything. And sometimes I feel like a lot of the crochet patterns are so easy (I find myself gravitated to more challenging patterns - which I've enjoyed!)

  3. You've gotta go where your crafty heart wants to! Crochet will always be there ... and there are definitely fabrics that are preferable in crochet than knitting, imho. :)