Saturday, November 5, 2011

November for ME!

 I was debating whether or not to keep this yarn I spun for me or not.  Then I realized that I am very attached to it.  So, therefore, it becomes my November for ME!  This is the first time since the beginning of the year that I've been a little ahead here on this goal.  That leaves only one more month and one more thing to make for me.  The fiber is from Spinner's Hill Top and I purchased it at, where else, but the Yarn Cupboard.  I named the color, "Blue Jay Way," after having a particularly Beatle-y day.  This is my second yarn I have ever spun and I am enjoying the thick and thin appearance which wasn't intentional.  I also learned a lot from this fiber.  Such as, since I don't have a wheel to help me ply, that the method of making a center pull ball is the best when you want to make sure you have an even plyed hank without any wonky little balls left over.  Hence the other teeny skein in the background.  I don't want to waste any little bits of singles because I have no clue what I'd do with them.  I don't have a WPI guage yet so if any of you wanted those details - sorry!  But I would consider this a bulky yarn.  I love me some bulky!

Oh and let's not forget this hank wouldn't have been made possible without the help of my lovely birthday present from my husband - a Kromski niddy noddy.

Now?  On to finishing those Christmas gifts!  Tally HOOOOOO!


  1. Love the yarn! Great colors and I'm imagining a pair of warm mitts. I can bring my WPI gauge to the next spinning night at the YC if want to get the specifics :)

  2. Thanks, Angela! I'll be purchasing one of the WIP gauge next time I'm at the Yarn Cupboard since they're in now.