Thursday, March 1, 2012

4 more ounces!

This is my second incomplete four ounces that I spun up this past month.  Say hello to "Jolie en Pink."  It's fiber from Spinner's Hill Top in merino that I purchased from The Yarn Cupboard.  I say incomplete in that when I started to first spin it it was I think November?  Anyway, it's done and I love it!  I did not end up Navajo plying it because I was too chicken.  My spinning friend Angela, showed me how to do it on a spindle and I even tried to do it with some practice yarn while she helped me at our last spin night.  I'm going to continue practicing that way until I feel confident.  What was cool is that the method of Navajo plying is almost like starting a crochet chain.  So, I shouldn't be too scared, right?

I'm really proud of this skein because I noticed my singles are more consistent and I don't have as much thick and thin areas like I did with my Blue Jay Way yarn.  I didn't check out the yarn on my WPI gauge but by eye balling it, I'd say that my two ply merino is clocking in at about a bulky weight and I got about 106 yards in total.  What do you think I should make with it? :-)

Next fiber up for this month:

 This is Snapdragon from Clover Leaf Farms that I purchased at the Hemlock Fiber Festival this past fall.  It's four ounces of merino top.  I have already pre-drafted so it's ready to go ...once I can break away from my hexipuff addiction.

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