Friday, June 21, 2013

What happened in Grand Rapids...

 Memorial Day weekend, I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan to celebrate the wedding of my little sister.  The kiddies were with my in-laws so, I was able to squeeze out some hexipuffs while my sister was getting her hair done and I did some spinning in the hotel room that I shared with my parents and the husband.  The hotel that we stayed at was super cool and modern.  It was hands down the best hotel I ever stayed in.  It became even more awesome when I saw this crocheted and knitted mural on the wall:

Yes, the red squares are crocheted and the white and gray ones are knit.  They were probably about 2 inches by 2inches.  I, of course, had to touch it much to the annoyance of my husband.  I took a few pictures of it and as you can see there is a booth right in front of it where I enjoyed my continental breakfast and admired the patience, time and effort. 

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  1. Fantabulous!!! I'd want to touch it as well. :)