Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crocheting Fool!

 I didn't realize it but the last few projects I've been kicking out have all been off the hook!  This past week, I made two Cardiff Cowls for my Mom using Berocco Vintage DK in black and gray.  I really love this pattern, seeing how I have made four of these so far.  My Mom requested another one in a heathered teal but I told her she's gonna have to wait for Christmas crafting to be over before I even begin to go there.  The Cardiff Cowl is a free pattern from Lion Brand and has a simple pattern that really makes it look more complicated than it is.  I love how you can pick up stitches at the foundation and go the opposite direction.  It makes for a very interesting pattern, even after the fourth time!

 I've also been making these little crocheted ice skates as ornaments for family members in green and red using Plymouth DreamBaby DK.  I was channeling my Grandma P as I was making them.  I have a pair she made many years ago that go on our tree and was excited to find a free pattern on the internets with very simple instructions!  I debated making more for co-workers but decided that since I'm at a new job, I was going to nix going handmade for gifts.  I'm thinking a card and some candy canes this year.  My co-worker who is also a knitter made me feel better about not going that route.   You're allowed to be selfish when it comes to your hobbies - a motto that I will try to uphold next year!  Even if it will only last past two projects!

The last thing I'm showing off are some crocheted booties.  I made these for my friend's sister who is expecting. These were made out of Plymouth Worsted and was another pattern off of Lion Brand for free.  I'm not a fan of making booties because they look weird when not on little feeties but I'm sure once these are on the babeh, they will look way better!  The pattern was easy to follow and I liked crocheting through the front loop to make the ribbed effect along the top of the toe.

I am about seven gifts away from being finished with my Christmas crafting.  How about you?


  1. Love those ice skate ornaments! I'm nowhere near being done with holiday gifts (for obvious reasons). :)