Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A pain in the stash.

My latest finished project - a stash basket for the bathroom.  This picture is what I ultimately ended up going with in regards to usage of the stash basket.  I was able to fit six hand towels comfortably.  I could probably fit a lot more wash cloths in it too but strange thing, Michael and I own like three wash cloths in the whole house.

I thought about using it as a toilet paper holder but decided the basket didn't look full enough plus we have a nifty little closet that holds all of the tp.

This is a close-up on one of the corners of the basket.  The pattern was easy to follow but I had a hard time seaming the pieces together.  I think mostly because my tension was pretty strong, the needle was too small, and the yarn wasn't very slippery.  I had to stop quite often to stretch my hands and fingers out.

Aerial view of the basket on the inside.  I used Lily Sugar 'N' Cream yarn in sage.  I have a little over two balls left.  Perhaps I will whip up another reusable grocery bag.  Hmmm...  Or maybe a smaller version of the stash basket.

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  1. Super cute! It was worth the pain in your fingers.