Friday, September 18, 2009


What am I doing in the wonderful world of crochet? Well it's a secret because both of my friends read this blog and it would spoil their surprise. I got a jump start on a couple of Christmas gifts for my two best friends. They (one in Jiffy silver heather and the other in Jiffy grape) will be way better than the scarves I made that one year! Rest assure, I'm hooking away and the gifts are almost done! I even made one for myself in a dusty pink color. I'm also using this book to help embellish their gifts.

I'm also working on this cotton tunic for moi. I'm using the cotton-ease yarn in taupe. I've got about half of it done and am looking forward to figuring out how to make the straps.

There are two other projects on my agenda for the sister. The "Twilight" hat using my Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in grape and the same object that I am making for my peeps in the Jiffy brand using the color avocado.

PLUS, I have a whole queue of projects I want to do when I'm all set with these ones. Some involve clothing others involve holiday decorations. I'm doing pretty good with trying to crochet a little each night and I'm seeing a lot of progress and things are moving fairly quickly! It also helps when you have Iron Chef or CSI playing in the background.

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