Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love me some podcasts.

I tried out two other podcasts this week:

Here's to Ewe!  is hosted by three chicks from Nevada (I think..).  They are total dorks and I love it.  I can definitely identify with their nerdiness and quirks.  I listened to their most recent episode but it left me wanting a little more so I have downloaded a few past episodes.

Yarngasm I didn't enjoy quite so much.  It's going to sound stupid but in the episode I was listening to, everytime there was a transistion to a new topic, there would be this sound byte of birds chirping and it drove me nuts!  I'm such a huge weirdo.  I can handle the dog barking at the end of the Knit Picks podcast but I can't handle birds chirping.  I'm starting to wonder if there's some sound wave that only I can hear which causes me to cringe.  I suppose much like dogs with that crazy whistle tone.

I am still into Knit Picks and decided to download all the past episodes and I'm slowly catching up on them.  Kelly Petkin's voice is super soothing and I love hearing her monologues about her fiber stories and experiences.  Stash and Burn continues to interest me and I'm trying to figure out how to get more of their past episodes as I only have about 10 or so episodes in my iTunes.  Something I'm going to have to figure out soon.  I'm thinking that I could probably find old episodes on their blog and then drag and drop them into iTunes.  Eh, not looking forward to doing that but we'll see!

Happy Stitching, people!


  1. So, are you listening to them on an iPod, or your computer, or what?