Friday, May 6, 2011

Hampton Artistic Yarns

 My final purchase of the day was at the Hampton Artistic Yarns booth.  As you know, I've been wanting to get a spindle and my goal at this fiber fest was to obtain one.  Rather than just buy a spindle separately, I wanted to get some sort of package deal.  H.A.Y's booth was exactly what I wanted and more.  For $30, I got a hip, reusable bag and inside were the following:

 An Ashford spindle...ummm can you say QUALITY?

 I love it and I would sleep with it every night if I weren't afraid of my cat nibbling on it...

 Some domestic wool to practice with...

...and some Falkland wool to play around with.

What I like about H.A.Y is that included in the bag were also some basic spindle use instructions.  Very cool.  They also included a card with every possible internet social site you can find them on.  Again, very cool.  Heading over to Ravelry now to join their group!


  1. Oh my God, you're so cute with all your paraphernalia!

  2. Ooop, looks like you beat me to the handspinning extravaganza. I will get there ... eventually. :)

    And knitting with roving is just fine. It's considered bulky yarn (5) and it's really good for getting techniques down, since little knitting needles and skinny yarn can be fiddly.