Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm still here!

It's been a while since I posted some words rather than pictures.  First off, so sorry for not posting!  My life is crazy busy with the end of the school year, looming budget cuts and life at home with a pretty baby who has ants in her pants.  No, not walking yet...but she's very close!  I've also been engrossed in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Just when you thought you read everything there was on the Holocaust...  I'm mostly reading this to help one of our Mexican students better interpret it and mostly because the book has sucked me in and I have to finish it!

In yarn crafting news: I have finished a motif that is currently being used as a coaster on my desk (pics to come).  Unfortunately, I remain two motifs behind, as usual.  I've joined a group on Ravelry called Veni Vidi Vixi as per mon amie Denise and I'll be helping her moderate.  If you're a Ravelry member take a look and see if this group tickles your fancy.  It involves optional fiber swapping and reading some 21st century literature and discussing it.   I have to admit, having Denise ask me to moderate couldn't have come at a better time.  Since little Hazel has been born, I've prioritized yarn crafting over my other past time of reading  so, I plan to give equal time to them both.   I'm also still chugging along on my Wham Bam Thank You, Lamb cowl.  Although I haven't been practicing any new knit stitches this month, I did learn the long tail cast-on from this project, which I'm counting for this month.  I'm also totally in love with this cast-on.  I find it slightly hypnotizing when I watch a video of someone doing it quickly.  Lastly, I am starting a countdown to the next fiber festival I'm going to in the central New York area.  Here's the link with some more information.  Of course, I'm super psyched about it!

14 days 'til Bouckville!

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  1. You are becoming the queen of the New York fiber festival! You'll need to show us your fibery purchases.

    And you can come on a LYS crawl with me anytime, Ms. Mod. :)