Monday, May 2, 2011

Scarecrow Farm

Scarecrow Farm, in Hollowville, New York, is a small family farm that is known for their livestock, vegetables, garlic, jams and preserves, eggs, their own honey, wool yarn, and local crafts.  This was the only booth at Chancelor's Sheep and Wool Festival where I actually bought yarn.  I loved the color and feel.  One of the women at the booth suggested to me that once I'm done knitting up the yarn to soak it in very cold water to smooth out the stitches and make them lay more flat.  My plans for these hanks are to make myself some sort of hand wear for the winter.  I'm thinking fingerless mittens with a flap.  If there is any left over, I was thinking of making a real basic winter hat with a simple rib pattern on the brim.


  1. Oooh, looks deliciously rustic!

  2. Maybe a hat AND mittens?!?!

    Sorry, I'm always a little overzealous.