Saturday, April 2, 2011


Okay, so you're probably wondering, where my new knit stitch is for the month of March? You may also be wondering, where my March for ME project is too.  Oh, and those motifs in the CAL I joined?

Well, for some reason I thought I had more time to learn a new knit stitch and when I hunkered down to do it, I realized that with all the knitting of those scarves, that I forgot how to purl!  That put me on hold for a while.  To resolve this issue of slackiness, there will be two knitting stitches I'll be learning for April! 

As for the March for ME project, I'm currently trying not to rip my hair out about it seeing as I've already ripped out the project TWICE.  I'm convinced there's a typo somewhere and I am determined to overcome it!  No slackiness here but rather stubbornness because every time I start this project I find an error in myself or the pattern and then I get mad and can't go back to the damn thing until I've calmed down.

And lastly, the motifs are almost finished.  I was one behind but now I'm on track again.  I am still using the crap Red Heart yarn mostly because I've become infatuated with the DK that I bought and realized that is the stuff sweaters are made of!

Please forgive me dear readers.  I went into March like a lion but came out a tired and frustrated lamb.  Here's to April!  Woot, woot (as my sister would say)!


  1. Alright, tired frustrated lamb be gone. :)

    We're expecting big things from you this month, missy. (cheesy grin)

  2. Its okay, my March went that way too. You can do it!