Monday, July 11, 2011

Most Recent Swap

What I got!  Swap goodies from Heather :-)  Thank you!
I've been a part of a new Ravelry group called Veni Vidi Vixi in the 21st Century where we read literature, have discussions and swap fiber.  My lovely Ravelry buddy,  Denise asked me to help moderate and I was more than happy to help out!  What an awesome group!  We are about 60 members strong with a good portion swapping and discussing the books we've read.  I joined in when they were reading their first novel but was just in time for Life of Pi by Yann Martel (awesome book!) and now we are starting our summer book, Servants of the Map by Andrea Barrett which is a collection of short stories.  The last swap I participated in with this group had us doing a round robin swap of non animal fiber.  I received some Hemp yarn which I'm super psyched about.  I'm searching for the perfect project at the moment.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?


  1. How about a shawl? :) How many yards do you have?

    I loved your swap package ... and have really loved mine from Sabine. Berlin is happening at the moment.

  2. I used the purse you made me today -- super cute, and the perfect size!