Saturday, July 30, 2011

March for ME!

Ok, this is so confusing.  But you remember that wretched Ashlar Cardigan I just couldn't seem to figure out?  Well, it's been laid to rest and I made this scarf instead:

It's the Neck of the Woods pattern by Vickie Howell from her book Awareknits.  I used Loops and Threads Haze in bulky roving in the colorway of faded denim.  I used a sweet skull button that was included in one of my swap packages a few months ago.  

I still have some of this yarn left and was thinking of knitting me up a cozy winter hat with it.  Or some cute little mittens...   Either way, I'm still keeping up on the 12 for me goal, whoohoo!

Knitting progress for July:  learned yo and k2tog!


  1. Great scarf ... from a most excellent book. Vickie Howell is a genius. :)