Friday, August 5, 2011

Swatching and Spinning

 I have started my August for me project and it is the Ribbed U-Neck Vest from the Vogue Knitting magazine I got from a swap partner a few months ago.  Above and below are my two guage swatches. 
 It appears to me that I have gotten guage both times so... here we go:

This is the wrong side of the work but I do like looking at stockinette a lot.  I already made a mistake in the pattern but it will just be a little longer than it was supposed to be which I'm totally okay with.  I had to stop about 1 1/2'' before I start to decrease.  But I was knitting merrily along, all pleased as punch and wasn't paying attention.  Now when I start knitting the front I will have to remember to stop 3'' before starting my decreases.  :-P

In spindle news, I have spun up all of my Falkland fiber from H.A.Y (Hampton Artistic Yarns) into three separate balls and will starting doing a 3-ply in a few days.  I will be channeling Abby Franquemont while I do it!

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