Friday, October 14, 2011

September for ME!

Yeah, yeah.  I'm behind.  Whatev...

I made the Zen and the Art of Stash Diving scarf from Robyn Chachula in Berroco Vintage.  This was the first time I crocheted with a DK weight yarn.  It was light and fluffy the whole way through.  I just did the row repeats until I could wear it the way I like to wear scarves. 

Oh and I'm still spinning up some fiber from Spinner's Hill Top:

I still have a bunch of fiber left to spin.  Now I can see how much yardage some people can get out of 4 ounces.  Wow!  I'm prolly going to two-ply this to have as much yardage as possible.  I'm not yet confident in my singles to leave them alone.  Again, this is a wool-merino blend.  I find that as I'm spinning, I've been dropping the spindle more than I have in the beginning.   I'm not sure if my spindle is getting too heavy because I'm getting good and don't need such a heavy spindle (it's the Ashford students spindle) or if it's because wool and merino tend to break more?  I dunno but either way I'm in a groove now and there's less dropping going on.


  1. Ok, I've had a devil of a time trying to leave comments, so let's hope I can today ...

    Love that scarf! I didn't know you hadn't worked with DK weight yet? I do think Berroco has a good yarn line, overall.