Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some progress

Yeah!  I finished the drop stitch scarf last night while on a mini 'Roseanne' marathon.  So, now, watch out u-neck vest.  You're next!  I also started my next 12 for Me! project and it's not too bad.  Robyn's pattern is easy to read however, my project doesn't seem to matching her photos...  gah!

Learned knitting thing of the month:  decreasing stitches  or was it increasing?  Either way, I can do both!


  1. Ok, I'm a stubborn red-head, so I'm gonna try and leave this comment yet again. Grrrrrrrrr.

    I'm really glad you've gotten your project mojo back (although you do have a built-in excuse - can anyone say Hazel?).

  2. That's weird! Maybe blogger was being finicky today? Stubborn redhead, huh? I knew there was something about you I liked!