Saturday, December 3, 2011

The bend
I am still here and I am still working on the last of the Christmas gifts!  This whole week was spent  fulfilling my civic duty as a juror.  I got picked right from the get go and I'm participating in a civil trial that will last for about two weeks.  The first week just finished and we are at the half way point.  Because I am not used to a full day of work, being part-time and all, I am finding it super difficult to have time to do stuff I want to do even at night when the babe is in bed.  The whole process is mentally draining and it's all I've been thinking about for the last week.  However, I have been managing to get a little crocheting done since my bamboo crochet hook has gone undetected through the doors of the court house.  I am using a pattern I used in the past for a blanket.   It's going to be way smaller and a little more boyish in color.  I already finished another little blanket for my other cousin's son and got bored with the pattern.  Don't get me wrong - it looks nice but the next blanket needed something to keep me interested.  Once that gets done, I'm counting three more projects to go.  Well, two and a half, because half of one is pretty  much done.  

I hope you are making some head way during your holiday crafting!


  1. Well, that answered my question about getting done in two weeks' time. A civil trial ... very intriguing!

  2. Yay christmas knitting! You can do it!