Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goals for 2012

I'm not going to go too crazy like I did last year.  And to be honest I've not even started my 12th project for me or my 12th learned knitting technique.  I'm still on vacation so, it may happen.  But I've been inching to post to the blog world my my two itty bitty goals for 2012.
  • spin at least 4 ounces of fiber a month
  • try and participate in the Tour de Fleece in July
Did I mention all that spinning will be on my two Ashford spindles??  Did I also mention I have a box of fiber that needs some major attention?  It will be a fibery year for me that's for sure.  I will still be making projects here and there.  I have to make my sister and my cousin some cowls that I'm really excited about but the main focus of the year will be my spinning.  I've been just parking and drafting and to help my productivity, I really need to kick it up notch.  

As for the Tour de Fleece, I'm not sure if that's a goal that will be set in stone.  I'm expecting another kiddo in June so who knows where the productivity and determination will be at that point.  

I think the spinning is also going to help me deal with a loss we had recently.  My little kitty had to be put down.  So this post is dedicated to Chips.  You were a crazy kitteh but we loved you! 
Photo by Ammerican Photography


  1. Expecting another kid in June, and the Tour de Fleece is in July? Get your lazy ass out there and stop making excuses! :-)

  2. And also, obviously I'm a heartless biotch -- sorry about Chips! That's such a cute picture of her! She will be missed at the New Year's celebration.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the motivation, René! And thanks for your kitteh sympathies. I am looking forward to some game playing with ya tomorrow!