Monday, August 13, 2012

July Fiber...Finally!

I seem to be posting late but I suppose that's better than never!  Here is the Corriedale fiber that I purchased at the Bouckville Fiber Festival last year, I think?  Anywho, it's from Salt City Fiber Works, a fairly new fiber addiction (or addition) to the central New York area. 

I got most of the spinning of this fiber done during nap times and such.  I didn't do anything crazy and kept things pretty much the same.  I ended up with 114 yards of 2 ply worsted weight yarn.  When I began spinning, I noticed right away that Corriedale is way different than merino or bfl.  It has a spongey quality to it that made drafting very easy to handle while I spun the spindle.  Normally, I still park and draft quite a bit but the fiber and spindle were doing all the work this time.  Again, not sure if it's because of the fiber or if because I'm improving (whatever that means).  I have no immediate plans for this hank o' goodness but I've been debating whether it be a Christmas gift or if I should continue to hoard my handspun...

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