Monday, August 6, 2012

Ravellenic Games - Part Deux

I am on a roll!  I knocked out two more Ravellenic projects.  Above, the Charity Rowing mittens that will benefit the Norwood-Norfolk Central School district that my friend Angela is heading up.

Below is my medal win for the Cowl Jump.  A cowl for one of my friend's birthdays.  This will be the second cowl of this type that I've made.  I really enjoy the pattern and the final look is pretty hip, in my opinion.

And finally, a casual shot of my medal winning project from the WIPS Wrestling event:

This kitty made me love crocheting amigurumi again so much so that I'm seriously considering knitting amigurumi for all the kids in my family as their Christmas gift.  Speaking of Christmas, that will be the next fiber event - CHRISTMAS KNITTING!  I've already started brainstorming.  I'm such a freak.

P.S. Corriedale fiber has been plyed and in a skein.  Pictures to follow!

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  1. YAY for more mittens! Love all of these and that cowl looks so soft!