Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Change in plans

In my last post I was planning on doing another knit-a-long with some Lion Brand Angora Merino yarn in such a pretty pink and gray but unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn in either color to do Jenn's pattern justice.  So I went stash diving again and found some Knit Picks Telemark that I forgot I had!

I do enjoy Knit Picks.  Yea for destash sales!

I have plenty of both colors so there will be no worrying when I finally sit down and start the Colorblock Shawl!  I also used the Caution colorway to knit some fingerless mitts for my buddy, René, who has 4 blogs now!  Holey Moley, where have I been?

Thank goodness this is worsted yarn or I may never finish before Easter!

Actually I know where I've been.  Piled under a ton of WIPs that are bringing me great pleasure.  I am trying to finish this little babeh sweater for Angelo before Easter so that he'll be rocking some handmade goodness with his sister.

Knit night last week - yarn, sticky notes, row counter

I'm also hanging in there on the Color Affection shawl knit-a-long.  I am on the third section where I add my last color (Badger Black) and, oh my goodness.  So pretty.  I highly recommend this pattern to anyone that knits!  So much fun!  (I think I may have mentioned this before!)

I'm still working on Denise's Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer.  I have to wind another skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool so that I can keep going.   And lastly, I finished spinning up some fiber that I blogged about a few posts ago.  All I need to do is wind a center pull ball and ply that puppy up!  Pictures coming soon!  Gotta bug the hubby about that!


  1. Haha! Yeah, I might possibly be going overboard with the blogs!

    By the way, that gnome is so freakin adorable!!