Sunday, March 10, 2013

WIPs Ahoy

I must not have gotten the memo about the clocks moving forward and the fact that I have a job and two kids because I just keep adding more projects to the WIP list.  This will either be really fun and I will have a ton of FOs or... let's not think of what comes after the or.

Here's what I am planning to work on:

 This is a mix of Plymouth Dream Baby DK and some Lion Brand Cotton-ease.  It will eventually become a gnome using a pattern by Else Tennessen.  This is one of two CAL in our Ravelry group, Instagramalongers.  The second project will be using the yarn below.  It's some Patons wool in the color gray.

The pattern is called Padma by Dawn Toussaint.  I think it will be a toy for Angelo or the Haze.  Not sure yet but it will be very soft, that's for sure.

 Then the third CAL I'll be involved in is with Denise, in her Ravelry group, Voie de Vie.  We will be making the Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer.  I'll be using a heavier weight yarn, Lion Brand's Fishermen's wool.  I have a ton of it in the oatmeal colorway.  I can't wait to get started!  I'm glad I am able to really crochet it up for National Crochet Month this year.  Last year, I barely made a scarf :-P.

Switching yarn crafting gears, my knitting plans for the moment are two shawls.  This is my progress on my Color Affection.  I am in love (have I mentioned this yet?)!  I love the striping and I can't wait to see it once I add the third color towards the end.  

Oh and before I end, these two balls will become another shawl called the Colorblock Shawl.  I decided to join in with my Instagram friends on this one starting March 18th.  This is Lion Brand Angora Merino in the colorways Blossom and Smoked Pearl.  Does anyone else have this much going on in their craft worlds?


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with multiple WIP's! I currently am working on an afghan, tank top, Easter eggs, basket and dishcloths!

    1. I used to be really good about one project at a time but I'm just enjoying starting a bunch of new things. I keep thinking of the pile of new stuff I'll have :-)

  2. ummm, yes. :) How is the LB Angora Merino? I do like the yarns I've used so far from the LB luxury line, so just curious what you think.

    I've also had my yarns set aside for a Color Affection for a while now. Maybe I'll start it in April!

    1. I haven't used the Angora Merino yet..I'll be starting that project the 18th. You must do Color Affection! It is such a fun knit!!!