Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Last night, I finished the Cardiff Cowl for my Mom.  I gave it to her this morning and she was amazed at how quick I pumped it out for her.  Ahh, I love crochet and how quick it goes for me.  In case you guys didn't catch it the first time around, I used Berocco Vintage DK and the pattern is FREE on Lion Brand.  I love how you finish one half and then start back at the foundation chain and start the other half.  Kind of ingenious, in my opinion.

 Rockin' the DPNs on a project for Angelo (by the way he's 9 months old today!).  I am going to attempt to make the toddler t-shirt vest by Sam Lamb.  I am hoping to finish this up before Easter so that he and Hazel will be sporting some handmade goodness for the holiday.  And so I can get some compliments from the family, let's be honest here...

The other project that is keeping my attention is a shawl.  Yes, you heard me, a shawl.  After frogging the Simple Yet Effective shawl by Laura Chau, then trying the Terribly Simple shawl by Caitlin French and ripping that too, I think we may have a winner!  This will be Color Affection by Veera Välimäki and I am in love with this pattern.  This is the first project where I actually use more than one color.  The green yarn is the yarn I dyed from the Yarn Cupboard Winter Retreat from last year and the yellow and black (Apollo and Badger) are from Holiday Yarns.  I am on the second part of the pattern where I introduce the next color. In this case, it will be the Apollo yellow.  This pattern also has short rows, which I am obsessed with!  Holiday Yarns is also holding a knit-a-long with this pattern and Jennifer has kindly given us all a $10 voucher to use towards our next Holiday Yarns purchase.  Woot, woot!  I am already thinking about making another one in lace weight...yes, lace weight.  Crazier things have happened...

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