Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Au naturel

Love the color combo even though they are two separate projects

A little dark but you get the idea

I'm mad at you fiber!
I cast on another two projects between this past Sunday and Monday.  The first CO - I'm using some cotton-ease yarn in taupe from Lion Brand to make Duo which will be worn by both Haze and Ang.  I also started one of my go-to patterns, using some hemp yarn I received in a swap a few years ago.  I am doing a few modifications because it's going to be a bag to hold swim and beach stuff for the kiddies.  We are heading to Florida this weekend so I'm not sure if I can finish it all before we leave but I'll see what happens.  Lastly, I finished spinning up the yellow fiber that came with my purple fiber.  I haven't got any details because as I was winding it on the kniddy knoddy I got a huge tangle and currently we are fighting.


  1. I'm glad to see you are enjoying your summer - how long will you be in Florida?

    Bring WIPs with you. :)

    1. We will be there for a week! I'm planning on bringing Duo and whatever else I cast on between now and then...