Saturday, July 20, 2013


Finishing up some fiber
 Almost done with some yellow and purple fiber.  It just needs to be plied and possibly one of these skeins will be entered into the New York State Fair.

Cutest yarn bowl ever!
 Angelo is helping me with my knitting.  He's such a good boy!

My two COs for this past week
It must be the heat over here on the East coast but my friend Angela and I decided to start something crazy on Ravelry.  We decided to start a Cast-on-apalooza thread to take the edge off on wanting to make all the things.  Much to my surprise it has taken off quite nicely and crossed over to my local yarn store's Ravelry group as well!  All's you gotta do is cast-on two projects by the end of the week for the next three weeks.  It is not necessary to finish your projects by a particular time but this could be good motivation for holiday crafting or just plain ol' "I've always wanted to cast-on blah blah blah."  Although, I have about five projects I'm working on, what's another six more?  The last picture is of the first two projects I decided to cast-on for the week.


  1. Cast-on-itis under a new name. :)

    And that's Angelo? Holy cow, he seems almost as big as Hazey. That boy is growing like a weed.

    1. Ang is getting big but Hazel was way bigger at this point than Ang! She's a tall, little, girl :-D