Thursday, July 25, 2013

For Charity!

I've been really busy yarn crafting away this summer and it became more apparent to me when I gathered the pile of finished objects for Michael to photograph.  Because there were so many photos, I'll break it down so it's not a rush of FOs.  I decided to start with the charity mittens that I made over in France (pink/purple and green ones) and the pair I did when I got home.  Funny enough, I ripped a project that I made a long time ago specifically for these mitts.  They were once in a skirt but I never wore it so into the froggy pond it went!  I had a rainbow sort of striping going with it so that made it fun to rip out and wind into balls.  The yarns used were a variety of acrylic from Joann Fabrics and Michael's.  Some from Lion Brand and some from a Joann Fabric's chain label.  I love these mittens because I crochet like the wind and it takes me two hours tops to bang out a pair.  

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