Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lecture on Nature

Colorway : Mother Nature's Son
Say hello to this lovely 106 yard skein of worsted weight goodness!  I got this fiber on a whim at this  years Yarn Cupboard Retreat from Twisted Wool.  I was pondering what to get as I was looking at all their wares.  I was thinking of getting something a little brighter but then this caught my eye.  I spun this on my Ashford spindle and two plied it on the same spindle.  I am really pleased with how this turn out.  It's soft, bouncy and I really enjoy the color changes.  It does seem mostly green, but there are blues, pinks, and yellows in there too.  As usual, I'm not sure what I'll be making with this but it will be something I'll want close to my face - I love the hint of sheep it has!

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