Monday, October 7, 2013

Proud Peacock!

And here come the glamor shots!  I finished this cowl called Infinity Scarf Passion by Eclectic Gipsyland.  I used a skein of sock yarn I got at my first trip to Rhinebeck back in '09!    The yarn was from The March Hare in the colorway of Spanish Peacock.  The pattern called for about 437 yards and I had 455 yards to work with but for some reason (probably me not checking gauge), I wasn't able to complete one of the repeats and border.   Pas de problème!  I love it all the same!  The puff stitches definitely eat up a lot of yarn but they turn out so light and fluffy.  I'm looking forward to wearing this to work or out and about.  I highly recommend this pattern and you'll have a leg up if you know some French because the pattern is for the Francophone or Francophile.  I do have a rough translation of it in English and if you've got google skills and a good French dictionary you can make your own beautiful adornment for your neck!

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