Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ravellenics 2014 Showing


You can see some wings, eh?
 This was my last project that I finished before the Ravellenics commenced.  I will give more details when my glam shot is posted some time this week.  But for now, it's crocheted and I love it!

Big dreams - little bag
 I decided that I was going to need a bigger bag when I started planning on which events and projects I would tackle during the Olympic games.  Thank goodness for winter recess or I would've barely crossed the finish line on any event!


 My first finish line I crossed was the Aerial Unwind.  This event had you rip out a project UFO or FO that you knew you weren't going to finish.  This was a project from the first week of cast-on-apalooza.  It was the Storm Cloud Shawlette using my handspun but unfortunately, it just wasn't doing anything for me.  My handspun wasn't doing the pattern any justice either so I gave it to my friend, Angela to give to her mother-in-law to weave.


 I didn't plan on crossing the finish line of Aerial Unwind again but I did with the Persephone Hood designed by my friend, Denise.  I just wasn't getting the fabric or look I wanted so into the frog pond it went!

So soft!!
Just this afternoon I crossed the finish line of WIPs Dancing (Finishing a WIP by the end of the Olympic games) with the Maize fingerless mitts by TinCanKnits.  More details to follow as I have a photo shoot schedule tonight with the husband.

Are you kicking some booty on any projects during the Ravellenics?  I may have a few more to squeeze in before the closing ceremonies!

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