Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Just in time for Easter! Another bunny! Well, I really wasn't thinking of making a bunny because of the holiday but the pattern looked pretty easy and the picture looked cute so I decided what the heck, I'll make another bunny. This one isn't wearing any revealing clothing though. I like this bunny because it has cute pink ears and the brown/pink combo is sooo in right now!
Another thing that I found amusing about making this bunny was his little tail! Ha! Don't you just love that??? Just a little poof of pink on his behind makes it cute and easy to set the the bunny down without it falling all over the place.
Here's looking at you! Went with Gram's yarn remnants here. I feel like I have this never ending supply of pink yarn! Found the pattern online at Lions Brand. They have a crap load of free patterns to make tons of little amigurumi. I printed a ton of patterns off (thanks insert place of employment here) and am attempting to make a whole zoo of animals within the year.

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