Sunday, January 30, 2011

January for ME!

 I finished 1 of 12 projects for ME the other day.  Here it is.  I've been talking about this and blogging about this and admiring the project page on my Ravelry queue.  Voilà!  My Hip Cozy!

 I used all my bits and pieces of yarn that appeared to be the same weight, with a light halo effect, and made endless rows of half double crochets with a little decreasing here and there for shaping.

 This is the inner part of the Hip Cozy.  I tried to make a slip stitch with the purple yarn but it turned out kinda uneven but I still am in love with this project.

I added more buttons than needed. I want to make sure it stays on good and tight.  I plan on wearing this soon with some leggings or jeans.


  1. I love this -- it's so cute! I can totally see you rocking this with a pair of leggings!

  2. Very cute. Perfect over jeans or leggings