Saturday, January 22, 2011

The verdict

So, I listened to those Podcasts and although they have great topics and focus mostly on crochet, I just can't get past the sound quality.  I have trouble listening to a podcast where people sound like they are on the phone and that's how most of these sounded.  Ug!  I think I'm getting this sound snobbery from my husband.  It's amazing what rubs off on you from other people..

I continue my search of yarny podcasts with sound quality that doesn't make my ears hurt or my body cringe.


  1. I haven't listened to any podcasts, so I'm no good on this subject. Why did you want to start listening to podcasts?

  2. I mostly started listening to podcasts because I'm in the car for almost three hours a day between my work commute and dropping the baby off at my mom's. Plus, on the YarnCraft group from Ravelry, a user asked what types of podcasts we listened to and people were making all sorts of suggestions so, I decided to look a few up. Which is where I'm at now. I will go back to the suggestions and see if I can't find something else that my ears can listen to! :-D