Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finished projects

 These are two pics of the last cowl I made for my cousin's birthday.  I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in the oatmeal colorway.  It used up  most of the skein and I was pretty pleased with the end result.  This time I was able to do the flower according to the pattern rather than two little flowers from a crochet flower book that I had the last time.  My cousin loved it!  

And, finally, the first finished hand spun skein of the year!  I'm not quite sure about the yardage because I seem to be inept in figuring out how to measure from my niddy noddy.  So, I have no details except that I have more than enough singles spun to make a hat for Michael.  I learned that I will probably not spin singles again for a long time.  They were pretty kinky and calmed down slightly after their bath but not enough for my liking. The next fiber I have is pink and the fiber is from Spinner's Hill Top.  The singles on my spindle look so pretty and I am so excited to ply them!


  1. What size is your niddy noddy? Bring it to the next knit or spin night and we can figure it out :)

    1. I definitely will, Angela! Thank you! :-)

  2. So cute with the little flower! At the Marcellus Library, everyone around there is so crafty and I was excited to see this felted scarf program last week. They were using the fibers to make scarves -- I think they laid the fibers over a piece of fabric or something, then they were going to put them in the dryer to set them, like felt. I couldn't really understand it, but I was impressed! They do a Wooly Wednesdays program that's almost impossible to get into because it fills up so fast, and they also have a "Knit Lit" group where I think they knit and talk about books.

  3. Would you share this pattern? It is no longer on Ravelry.